Who Can Contact Us?

Our customers are companies, landowners and those that want to make strides towards building the most beautiful world in an ecologically sustainable way.



Picture: Tommi Mäkinen

Our core values are beauty, climate and environment. We wish to export our vision into the countries that show great potential for afforestation and where we can make a positive impact on the well-being of humans and the environment.


How We Succeed


Our vision is to connect environmental values with commercial forestry.


  •  Afforestation of unused land increases the forest and carbon sink area.


  •  Varieties of tree species increase biodiversity in forests


  • The use of the forest provides landowners a larger profit compared to an unused land area.

Kaunismetsä – BellaForest


Our main products are planted forests that host multiple tree species. We tailor each of our forests according to their location, tree species, topography, and soil type to ensure the best possible results.


  • Increased biodiversity 


  • Land for recreational use


  • More resistant to diseases and other hazards


Huge Areas of Unused Land


In Finland alone, there is a total area of ​​roughly 100,000 hectares (247,000 Acres) of unused farmland whose environmental and commercial potential are wasted. 


We will transform these areas into carbon sinks, wood resources for forestry and shelters for forest animals.

Towards a More Sustainable future with our Partners

  • Restore unused farm and wastelands into beautiful forests

  • Build arburetums ​​​​​​​

Help up increase diverse forest area and natural beauty

We create BellaForest, beautiful forests